How Does Technology Affect Children?

(Source: The Gaurdian)

Melly Parker, author of  “How Do Electronics Negatively Affect Children,” explains the negative influences on technology has on children. I disagree with Parker’s reasoning on how electronics can change kids as follows.

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Thailand Testing Out Educational Websites

(Source: digiparenthood)

Scholarly Websites have been assisting kids’ learning in various ways. In the article, Using Electronic Media in English Teaching for Elementary and Secondary Students in Thailand,” Unchana Klentien and Weeranan Kamnungwut describe how 100 students in the elementary and secondary school were observed while using technology in the classroom.

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Educational Websites Benefits Kids

Elementary school teachers are utilizing academic websites as learning tools for their students. Because media has been actively progressing among scholarly strategies, young grade school students are having more exposure to educational websites. Through the use of media, elementary students are more inclined to better learn in the classroom.

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