Technology Should Be Used In Classrooms! (Part 4)

Instructors improve students’ learning if they utilize technology in classrooms. Teachers have began using technology in their classroom in order to help students learn more information. For example, my math homework is online, and I have unlimited attempts for each question because my professor wants us to answer the question correctly and to eventually understand the material. Teachers have the ability to alter methods and systems in the classroom.  Altering the way students learn by changing the way they feel about school is important to facilitate their learning.

Proven Technology Does Advance Learning

In order to boost students’ advancement in school, we must use technology. Teachers already utilizing technology in the classroom have noticed improving test scores. According to a research study in Auburn, Maine, kindergarten students using iPads as educational tools scored higher on literacy tests than students who didn’t use an iPad.Another study shows that fifth graders who usually play educational games online for 20 minutes per day increase their test scores by an average of 15 percent. When teachers use technology, they help students by providing fast feedback on assignments.

Additionally, technology can notify students if they did the assignment incorrectly immediately after working on it. A positive call to action was when Thailand tested out using technology in their education system. The test received positive results in students’ learning abilities because the students enjoyed using it. One of the aspects that helps students when using technology for school is that it helps broaden their knowledge beyond the textbook.

In the Herchinger Report, “After 20 years, a teacher reinvents her classroom using technology,” Hawkins comments on the changes she noticed in her classroom since she started letting her students use media for learning purposes. “Hawkins has noticed students are more engaged and there are fewer behavioral issues, something other D.C. educators said they have noticed with this model of instruction. The novelty of the technology isn’t the only factor, Hawkins said. Personalized instruction that allows students some freedom to explore keeps them from getting bored or frustrated.” (Hawkins)

The instructor is the one responsible for keeping the students motivated. A teacher’s lack of passion will result in students not being interested in continuing to learn about the subject matter. When teachers care about finding new methods to make learning for students more enjoyable, they notice that students show a greater interest in the subject and are more likely to do well in the course. Researchers have proven that technology has impacted students positively because of the different tools that are provided in a website. Not only has technology helped the students, but it has also helped the instructors.Teachers can communicate with their students, add more assignments to help them prepare for an upcoming exam, and provide videos and tutorials to help them understand course material. Teachers will help develop students’ learning in school by utilizing online tools.


This is the last part of this series. For the first part, click here.


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