How Can Teachers Improve Kids’ Education Through Technology? (Part 1)

Schools must provide devices in classrooms in order to advance students’ academic. As educators are beginning to use technology in the classroom, new opportunities arise in improving student learning. Technology use leads to improvements in teaching, such as communicating more effectively with students. Every day, new uses for technology are being implemented by teachers, and the learning environment is stretching beyond the classroom and into the home.

The target audience for this new technology is teachers. Technology can help change the way students are learning. When I was in middle school, my parents went to every parent conference with my teachers and to “Coffee with the Principle,” a meeting with the principle with other parents to talk about the changes in classrooms and on campus. Presently, parents have the convenience and accessibility to read about changes online newsletter. In the article, “Integrating Technology into Your Elementary Music Classrooms,” Amy M. Burns explains that she was initially skeptical over its effectiveness when she began to use technology in a music classroom. Before she introduced the program to her students, Burns tried every exercise herself. Burns states that, “Technology is used every day in our way of life and to adopt music technology into the elementary music classroom means that you are reaching the students on another level.”  When teachers find something their students enjoy and make it a learning tool, students are more interested in the course matter..

In addition, WikiBooks’ “Social and Cultural Foundations of American Education/Technology/Pros and Cons”  states that, ” [if] the computer can act as a tutor and solve the problems for the student, then there will be no need for the teacher to interact with the students” this gives teachers the opportunity to interact with other students while the computer helps the students she cannot help simultaneously. The article also mentions that “[t]eachers can integrate games via SMART Board to engage the students in interactive learning. According to The Virginia Pilot, some Virginia teachers use the SMART Board instead of flash cards or paper because it allows the student to see pictures and pause on information until it is understood.”

If teachers allow for their students to use technology, the students will be able to practice what they are learning in class more frequently.

Why is it Important for Teachers to Improve Kids’ Learning?

Elementary students should begin good learning habits at a young age. The most important topic in today’s schools is improving education by bringing technology into the classrooms. In the article, “Technology as a Medium For Applying Constructivist Teaching Method And Inspiring Kids,” Masoud Azizinezhad and Masoud Hashemi explained that, “constructivists suggest that learning is best accomplished when a study gets actively engaged in the learning process rather than attempting to receive knowledge passively with the teacher.”

A constructivist method of teaching consists of learners actively involving themselves in their learning, as opposed to passively receiving information. If constructivists did not take note of students’ activity in learning when using technology, they would not know how to encourage students’ engagement in course materials. Students merely listening to a teacher’s lecture will not retain information, and they will be unable to recall the information taught.


This is the first part of this series. For the second part, click here.

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