Anant Agarwal Talking About Using Blended Learning

(Source: James Duncan Davidson)

Anant Agarwal represented,” Why Massively Open Online Courses (Still) Matter in a TED talk. Agarwal explains that using blended learning in classrooms is effective.

What is Blended Learning?

Agarwal presented the Blended Learning Pilot. Blended learning is when teachers use both traditional face-to-face instruction and new technology in teaching methods. The Blended Learning Pilot was a program begun by Rogers Family Foundation in 2012 in order to test if technology helps kids learn more efficiently. Since the Blended Learning Pilot began, rates of students retaking the course dropped from 41% to 9%. The reasons why the rates dropped dramatically is due to the fact that media provided lecturers and active exercises on lessons. Additionally, the study shows that if students repeatedly practiced what they learned, the information would be more likely retained.

Students who receive an instant response online show improvement. Agarwal informs that when a class is held in person, students are less likely to retain what they learned and practiced due to the lengthy waiting periods for feedback. The sooner students receive feedback, the more likely they are determined to solve problems correctly.

Anant Agarwal’s Point of View on Media

Agarwal argues that technology will positively affect students in education. Agarwal is a part of edX, where the goal is to transform face-to-face learning to technology, and give students easy access to education.  For example, when edX launched their first course, 155,00 students enrolled.  The statistics showed that students are interested in learning through technology.

Education Improvements

When Agarwal started edX, the committees saw improvement overnight and noticed enrolled students asking a few questions about the exercises they were working on. The committees were in a process of answering each question when they realized other students all over the United States were answering the questions instead. As well, the students mentioned how teaching other people helps them learn more efficiently. One of the results is that students communicate online with other students to learn from one another.

This video is related to my topic of educational websites for elementary kids because blended learning will help kids by having technology as their practice, and also interacting with their teachers.





Work Cited:

Agarwal, Anant. “Why massively open online courses (still) matter”. Ted Talk. January 27, 2014.


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  1. Your post post was definitely an interesting one for your topic. I especially found it interesting when you talked about Blended Learning Pilot. I would like to here more about your opinion on the topic.


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