Thailand Testing Out Educational Websites

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Scholarly Websites have been assisting kids’ learning in various ways. In the article, Using Electronic Media in English Teaching for Elementary and Secondary Students in Thailand,” Unchana Klentien and Weeranan Kamnungwut describe how 100 students in the elementary and secondary school were observed while using technology in the classroom.

Why Did Thailand Start Using Technology in Classrooms?

Thailand has various methods to educate their students. Thai educators began using media to have powerful influence on kids’ communicating skills. The article stated, “learning English via the internet network is one way to increase effectiveness of English learning of students”(Klentien, et al. 582). Media helps by allowing students at different levels opportunities to practice inside and outside of the classroom. Additionally, online learning has numerous options such as selective contents, educational exercises, and examinations.As a result, students are encouraged to progress in learning when using media. Applying media in education can also benefit students by providing up-to-date information via internet.

Positive Results in Using Technology in Classrooms

Upon observation, there is a correlation between the amount of time spent on the English program and receiving high scores. The article explains that, “long time spent in learning English from the electronic media, an increase in the number of known vocabulary, and an increase in the number of studied sentences, while the variables correlated with high proficiency score”(Klentien, et al. 584). It is anitcipated that if kids devote time to learning outside of the classroom, scores will increase, and so will self-learning skills.

Researchers gathered information about students and educators using technology. The article emphasizes that, “students’ performance will also be concluded at the end of each lesson, together with a brief overview of all lessons the student has gone through”(Klentien, et al. 585). Educators who engage with their students and track their progress can provide the encouragement and the attention each individual needs.

Development Of Using Media

The data relayed in the article, “Using Electronic Media in English Teaching for Elementary and Secondary Students in Thailand” shows significance of media usage in education. Not only does it improve kids’ learning, it also builds students’ desire to learn and satisfaction in their progress. The use of media can assist teachers by providing their students with enjoyable practices, and help broaden the knowledge acquired from textbooks. As technology is growing rapidly and kids are being exposed to it, it is beneficial to take advantage and use it for educational purposes.

Work Cited:

Klentien, Unchana, and Weeranan Kamnungwut. “The Impact of Using Electronic Media in English Teaching for Elementary and Secondary Students in Thailand.” International Journal of Information and Education Technology, 1 Aug. 2015. Web. 13 Oct. 2015.


3 thoughts on “Thailand Testing Out Educational Websites

  1. I think that having students use technology in schools does increases their motivation to learn and helps them understand the concepts being tought. I think more teachers should let students use technology in classes. I found your post to be really interesting and I liked how analyzed the quotes.


  2. Hey Athena, I strongly agree with you. I feel that education not only in the United States but education world wide would benefit from the usage of the Internet. Furthermore, due to the increasing influence of the Internet in today’s society, it is important for kids to get introduced to the Internet at a young age. I really like this example that you gave because it shows that students from other countries are benefiting from online learning. Furthermore, I liked how you gave a lot of information that shows us how the kids improved like having better grades, better English vocabulary, and enjoyment to learn more.


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