Educational Websites Benefits Kids

Elementary school teachers are utilizing academic websites as learning tools for their students. Because media has been actively progressing among scholarly strategies, young grade school students are having more exposure to educational websites. Through the use of media, elementary students are more inclined to better learn in the classroom.

I was initially introduced to academic websites at a young age. My interest quickly grew as I played online games and typed up homework assignments. Developing an attachment to technology, I eventually realized that I wanted a career in the field. Computer Science, the major I have chosen, focuses on testing and improving technology. It plays a direct role in media as most computer scientists’ objectives are to improve the software and websites we use on a regular basis.

Advantages of Technology in Education

Fundamental scholastic websites are influencing children in the classroom. In the article, “Survey: 74 Percent of Educators Support the Use of Technology in Schools,” Corey Murray explains the reasons behind class usage of technology. Educators are supporting the use of technology because they believe it is a helpful tool for students, as it elaborates on the content taught in class.  Educational websites have helped numerous students in conducting research, doing homework, or understanding individual context.

However, in the article, “Pros and Cons of Technology in Education exemplify how learning online has detriments”, Murray argues that technology has created a lack of depth in learning because students do not apply full effort to learning when online. A lack of motivation arises when students are not being supervised. In comparison, face-to-face learning ensures that teachers can monitor students’ efforts and progress.

According to Mark Pullen in “Pros & Cons: Is Elementary Too Early for 1:1 Technology?,”  technology also leaves no opportunity for physical education or other athletic movement. If a child begins utilizing technology at a young age, he or she will more likely want to be active or interact with other kids.

How Will It Help Me with My Major?

Researching the benefits of educational websites for elementary students helps me with potential major. Computer scientists build websites by formulating codes. My career objective is to use my knowledge of coding to create educational websites for future students.

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  1. I find your post quite interesting. Especially, I find it amazing that you have a great deal of passion in this topic. However, I believe that the title of blog is a little too broad but it is catchy!


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